Our Story

Our carrousel is the first new, hand-carved carrousel to be built and operated in the United States since the 1930’s. Located in the heart of downtown Mansfield, this park has become the centerpiece for redevelopment and restoration in the downtown area. As a vehicle for downtown development, we are a non-profit organization. More than $1.25 million in funds were privately raised to begin construction in the fall of 1990 and the Carrousel opened for business on August 30, 1991.

Dan Seckel of Alexander-Seckel Architects designed the building, completed in April of 1991. The pavilion that houses the carrousel is 80 x 80 feet, and 30 feet at its tallest point. The gift shop featuring carrousel merchandise, Ohio products, gift items and a variety of children’s items is 40 x 60 feet.

The carrousel figures were carved in the style of G. A. Dentzel, one of the most revered carvers of the early 1900’s. All 52 figures were designed, carved and painted by Carousel Works of Mansfield. Carrousel Works also restored the antique rounding boards, mirrors and mural frames. There are 30 horses and 22 menagerie figures, including four bears, four ostriches, four cats, four rabbits, a goat, giraffe, lion, tiger, zebra and a mythical hippocampus (part horse, part fish). A Stinson Band Organ, made by the Stinson Pipe Organ Co. of Bellefontaine, Ohio, provides rousing music for carrousel riders. The inside animals on the carrousel go 3.71 miles per hour while the outside animals go 6.77 MPH.

The scenery panels atop the carrousel depict past and present attractions in Mansfield. Tridico Silk Screening in Mansfield painted the colorful, picturesque scenes. Represented on the 18 panels are: Malabar Farm; the old Richland County Courthouse; Johnny Appleseed; the Public Library; Kingwood Center; Oak Hill Cottage; famous author Louis Bromfield; Brigadier General Frank Purdy Lahm; Mid-Ohio Race Track; the old Roller Coaster from Mansfield’s Casino Park; Lyons Falls; Vasbinder Fountain; the Central Park Bandstand; the Blockhouse; Snow Trails & Clear Fork ski areas; and Uncle Sam. A replica of a 1907 Dentzel panel and a sign stating our original low price of 50 cents per ride complete the collection.

Guarding the entrance of the carrousel are two bronze horses. They arrived in early 2003. The horses were cast from antique horses and were given by an anonymous donor. Eight picnic tables bordered by pink rose bushes surround the exterior.

Richland Carrousel Park is one of the few carrousels which is accessible to the handicapped. The horse in front of each of the chariots swivel, and the chariot seat flips up to accommodate a wheelchair.

We are open 6 days a week year-round with the exception of New Years Day, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

For more information, please call 419-522-4223.